bullet4. Jan. 2015:
Aloa's Quiet One and Aloa's Tilda on the homepage. Evergreen's I-Xtazy tested for HCM, PKD and SMA.
bullet14. April 2014:
Q2-Litter moved to Offspring.
bullet5. April 2014:
Tracy on females page
bullet16. Mar. 2014:
R2-Litter moved to Offspring.
bullet4. Nov. 2013:
Aloa's Netmelon on females page
bullet10. Sep. 2013:
See gallery with all our pictures of the M2-Litter click here
bullet31. Aug. 2013:
Tormento DNA tested (N/N) for PKD and SMA click here
bullet15. Aug. 2013:
Info pages for Tormento and Frisco
bullet21. Mar. 2013:

Lambchop and Lolly-Pop on Female page. Plans updated.

bullet8. Mar. 2013:
Info page for Jelly Bean
bullet23. Feb. 2013:
The Offspring page is updated.
bullet20. Nov. 2012:
Name on kittens from L2-Litter and M2-Litter.
bullet22. Sep. 2012:
L2-Litter and M2-Litter added.
bullet2. Aug. 2012:
K2-Litter moved to Offspring.
bullet17. July 2012:
Aloa's Frisco added on the Males page
bullet30. Juni 2012:
Zain Marquis's El' Capitano added on the Males page
bullet23. April 2012:
J2-Litter moved to Offspring. Redesign of Breeding Plans page.
bullet16. April 2012:
Aloa's Jelly Bean added on the Females page
bullet15. April 2012:
Breeding plans updated.
bullet4. Feb. 2012:
New picture of Aloa's George Four Paws from the G-Litter
bullet26. Jan. 2012:
Offspring page for the I2-Litter is updated.
bullet20. Jan. 2012:
Info pages for Wilma, Tutti Frutti, Bemis and Jim Morrison are updated.

14. Jan. 2012:

All of our cats have been tested negative for SMA.

9. Jan. 2012:

Pedigree on J2-Litter and K2-Litter

27. Oct 2011:

G2-Litter is updated with new pictures and links.

11. May 2011:

G2, H2 and I2 Litter are moved to Offspring pages.

1. May 2011:

Added Genetest HCM for Wilma.

27. Mar. 2011:

Bemis, Wilma and Tutti Frutti HCM and PKD screened; all negative.

28. Dec. 2010:

Added More information on Aloa's Bemis

26. Dec. 2010:

New pictures of Zoe and Atlantis

20. Nov. 2010:

Litter F2 moved to the Offspring pages.

New picture of Jim Morrison


20. Nov. 2010:

Added More Information page on Tutti Frutti

21. Oct. 2010:

New link to the homepage of Utility and Xanadu

New link to the homepage of Zeus


27. July 2010:

Litter C2, D2 and E2 moved to the Offspring pages.

22. April 2010:

New pictures of Archie and Atlantis. Click here.

2. Mar. 2010:

Added picture gallery with (N)Tojo Polaris Iggy Pop

Z-Litter: New pictures and links.


1. Mar. 2010:

Added picture gallery with (N)Tojo Polaris Jim Morrison

7. Feb. 2010:

A2-Litter moved to Offspring pages

15. Jan. 2010:

Link to Vito Coleones home page My Golden Djinny.

16. Dec. 2009:

Breeding plans updated.

14. Nov. 2009:

See picture of Aloa's Utility with his prize from the World Show 2009.

27. Oct. 2009:

Pedigrees on our new Females.

bullet25. Oct. 2009:
Vindicator, Wilma and Xenia are now on Females.
bullet23. Sep. 2009:
New pictures of Utility at Farmingtons Maine Coons in Switzerland.
bullet17. March 2009:
Breeding plans updated.
bullet14. Feb. 2009:
V-Litter and W-Litter moved to Offspring pages.
bullet18. Jan. 2009:
Y-Litter on the homepage.
bullet18. Nov. 2008:
Moved retired females to there own page.
bullet26. Oct. 2008:

Added show results for Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop.

Moved retired males to there own page.

bullet22. Oct. 2008:
New picture of Aloa's Unity.
bullet15. Oct. 2008:
Pedigrees on Tojo Polaris Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop.
bullet14. Oct. 2008:
Pictures of Tojo Polaris Jim Morrison and Iggy Pop. Click here
bullet6. Aug. 2008:
New pictures of T-Rex, Tereza and Tatiana. Click here
bullet31. July 2008:
New pictures of Aloa's Tutti Frutti. Click here
bullet28. July 2008:
New pictures of Tojo Polaris Eddy Grant. Click here
bullet20. July 2008:
Breeding plans updated.
bullet11. July 2008:
U-Litter moved to Offspring pages.
bullet13. April 2008:
New gallery for Aloa's Rachel.
bullet12. April 2008:
New pictures on the gallery.
bullet8. April 2008:
Link page updated. T-Litter page updated.
bullet6. April 2008:
New pictures of Koi Pond's General.
bullet1. April 2008:
New HCM and PKD screening reports for five of our cats.
bullet27. March 2008:
T-Litter moved to Offspring pages.
bullet24. March 2008:
Aloa's Tutti Frutti on the female page. More information page added for Aloa's Rachel.
bullet20. March 2008:
New pictures on M-Litter and P-Litter.
bullet20. Feb. 2008:
New pictures of Aloa's Rocco from LavenderLove in Poland.
bullet7. Jan. 2008:
Mountaineer's Beach Boy HCM & PKD screening: negative. Click here
bullet7. Dec. 2007:

Aloa's Rachel on the female page.

bullet1. Dec. 2007:
Names on Jezebel's kittens.
bullet21. Oct. 2007:
New litter from Jezebel and Beach Boy on the homepage.
bullet23. Sep. 2007:
Unfortunately Cheyenne had a miscarriage the 17th of September.
bullet30. Aug. 2007:
New pictures of Aloa's Romeo.
bullet29. Aug. 2007:
New picture of Aloa's Knight of My Heart and he is HCM DNA MyBCP3 negative.
bullet26. Aug. 2007:
Breeding plans updated.
bullet21. June 2007:
New picture of Cheyennes kitten on the Kitten page.
bullet20. June 2007:
R-Litter moved to Offspring pages.
bullet30. April 2007:
HCM DNA MyBCP3 test from Cheyennes kitten (S-1): Negative (N/N).
bullet24. April 2007:
Cheyennes kitten born 24. Feb. 2007 on the Kitten page
bullet21. April 2007:
P-Litter moved to Offspring pages.
bullet24. March 2007:
New picture of Aloa's Forest White Hunter from Biberhof in Germany.
bullet18. March 2007:
New picture of Mountaineer's Beach Boy.
bullet12. March 2007:
New picture of Aloa's Long-Legged Sally from Merrity in Czech Republic.
bullet9. March 2007:
New picture of Aloa's Knight of My Heart from Susans Cats.CZ in Czech Republic.
bullet7. March 2007:
New picture of Aloa's Nala from Italy.
bullet6. March 2007:

New professional pictures of Aloa's No Limit from Alfarcoon*PL in Poland.

New picture of Aloa's Noa from (N)Tojo Polaris in Norway.

bullet21. Feb. 2007:
Cloés litter born 10. Feb. 2007 on the Kitten page
bullet27. Jan. 2007:
New pictures of Aloa's Cheyway Dee-Lite, click here
bullet6. Jan. 2007:
Result from HCM screening on Jezebel and White Sox: negative
bullet7. Dec. 2006:
Jezebel PKD negative, click here.
bullet12. Nov. 2006:
New pictures of the P-Litter on the Kitten page.
bullet4. Nov. 2006:

Added information page on Beach Boy

HCM DNA test for Beach Boy is negative.

bullet1. Nov. 2006:
The first pictures of Jezebel and White Sox' kittens, click here
bullet30. Oct. 2006:

The kitten page is updated.

A new Gallery page is added under Misc.

bullet26. Oct. 2006:
Added pictures Kiowa and Keanu on K-Litter.
bullet24. Oct. 2006:
Add a link to Knight of My Heart's homepage in Czech Republic.
bullet23. Oct. 2006:
New pictures of Mountaineer's White Sox. Genotype on White Sox.
bullet21. Oct. 2006:

New picture of Fluke Catwalker.

Link to Pikkumetsän in Finland fixed (E and H litter).

bullet18. Oct. 2006:
See our new male: Mountaineer's Beach Boy. Click here.
bullet17. Oct. 2006:
New pictures of Koi Pond's General. Males and Gallery
bullet11. Sep. 2006:
Our breeding plans has changed. Click here.
bullet4. Sep. 2006:

All of our cats are now HCM DNA tested.

New picture of Nancy.

bullet29. Aug. 2006:
New pictures of One And Only and Knight of My Heart.